Blockchain Development

Are you looking to secure your company’s sensitive transactional data on a decentralized application and make it secure, transparent, and incorruptible? Blockchain Solutions are the way forward. And your search for niche blockchain solutions completes here.

RackMile boasts of stellar expertise in implementing various blockchain solutions – from basic to advanced. We build and implement blockchain solutions for large enterprises as well as start-ups.

Our Blockchain Offerings

Consulting Services

Our consultants will hear you out and understand the nitty-gritty of your business requirements. They will accordingly evolve the perfect blockchain solutions suited to your business needs.

Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain

Among our offerings are blockchain solutions for the management of the supply chain. We provide businesses with our blockchain solutions so they can effectively streamline their supply chain processes and achieve transparency for all transactions.

Blockchain Wallets

Our developers are skilled at developing secure blockchain wallets. You could use these wallets to store multiple cryptocurrencies.

Building Apps

Your business vision is phenomenally supplemented by our dedication-driven service. From the conceptualization of a decentralized blockchain app to prototyping and building it, from its launch to the post-launch scenario, our developers support you throughout your business journey. These decentralized apps are high-end blockchain applications that speed up your market-bound business plans and assure you a great return on investment.

Smart Contracts

The Blockchain developers at RackMile implement completely decentralized mechanisms (referred to as smart contracts) for online transactional processes over blockchain networks. These smart contracts are automated and are incorruptible because of cryptographic hashing. This induces high transparency in all online transactional operations that take place over blockchain networks.

Customized Services for Blockchain Application Development

Our expertise transcends different blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Stellar, EOS, Corda, and various others. Leveraging this expertise, we roll out powerful and adaptable blockchain solutions for our clients.

Secure Channels

RackMile’s blockchain developers build unbreachable and efficient channels in any type of environment – whether Android or iOS – through which transactions of digital currencies take place safely.

Token-based Transactions

Our blockchain specialists are skilled at implementing solutions that enable token-based transactions. These token-based transactions are highly secure and make the exchange of cryptocurrency or digital assets streamlined and safe.

Other Components of Our Blockchain Solutions

UX/UI Design

We create top-notch designs that drive excellent user experiences. The design process includes understanding client requirements, defining the scope of the design, ideating and blueprinting the design models, prototyping the design, final design development, testing the design, and launch.


Our expert teams are always available to resolve any issues related to your blockchain solutions. They also take care of the regular maintenance of your blockchain implementations and aspects such as migrating any of your existing solutions to the blockchain.

Why RackMile for Blockchain Solutions?

We strategize Blockchain deployments that perfectly cater to your needs. With our expertise, we make your experience of blockchain deployments a breeze by delivering data security, operational efficiency, optimal performance of the deployments, ledger sharing, regular maintenance, and other cost-effective services. All this is made possible because of our expertise in both basic as well as advanced blockchain solutions. We provide robust post-launch maintenance and resolve any of your issues related to blockchain deployments, whether critical or minor.

Unleash your full business potential by leveraging our blockchain development expertise!